Frequently asked Questions:

How much does it cost to transport a body from abroad?

Does possession of the European Health Insurance Card allow the body to be transported from abroad?

My darling has left abroad, what should I do first?

What documents are required ex officio for divorced or widowed persons?

How long does it take to bring the body of a deceased person to Poland?

Does your company carry out cremation?

How can we be sure that the body of a loved one is already in place

What documents are required to organise a funeral in Poland?

How do I pay for the repatriation of a deceased from abroad?

Can a body brought from abroad be cremated in Poland?

I want the deceased to wear the clothes we chose. Is that possible?

What if the deceased person was infected with the Covid-19 virus?

How are urns with ashes imported from abroad?

How much does the cremation cost?

Is it possible to scatter the ashes of a loved one in Poland?

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