Death at home

The deceased is not allowed to stay at home for too long, usually 24 hours.

First, please call the primary care physician who knows the patient. If he or she is not available, or you do not have a family doctor, call the EMERGENCY CENTER (tel.: 112). The physician will issue the CERTIFICATE OF DEATH/COURT OF LIVING required by the funeral director.

Please check all details such as the spelling of the name, address, date of birth etc. A spelling error causes many unnecessary difficulties! Without the death certificate, the deceased cannot be picked up from home. A body transport from England to Poland is also not possible.

Before the doctor leaves the apartment, please call us and allow us to talk to him!

If an unnatural cause of death has been established or the cause of death is unclear, the doctor is obliged to inform the police.

The formalities remain the same, but it takes a little longer to get everything done.

The police will also hire an undertaker to transfer the person to the coroner's office.

In that case, please give us a call so we can talk to the police officer.

What's next?

Even if it is difficult for you, there are many things to think about. We take care of the formalities for you and help you where necessary.

Please also prepare the clothes for the deceased.

Then you should decide on the type of burial. Should it be a transfer to Poland and a burial, or a cremation with an urn transfer?

If you have any questions, please call us anytime!

The phone is available 24 hours a day +48 608-135-247

Documents Required to Obtain Death Certificates

In order to get accurate information about the required documents for the transport of the body, we need to know where the death occurred. Each country has its own procedures and requirements regarding overseas repatriation.

If we know the place of death, we can provide you with detailed information and request the necessary documents from national and international authorities.

First, you will receive a form that authorizes us to process your case and contains all the necessary information about the deceased (personal data, place of residence, place of death). Once the form is returned to us, we will begin the entire return of the body to the country. Registration documents required for a death certificate are: birth certificate and marriage certificate (if applicable to the deceased). If you do not have the necessary documents, we can apply for them at the relevant registry office. Another document is the death certificate, on the basis of which we apply for a permit to transport and burial a deceased person in our country.