Increasingly, families who have lost loved ones are opting for cremation. We will help you and take over the organization of cremation and urn transport from abroad.

Cremation and urn transport

If cremation (cremation) with an urn transfer to Poland is ordered, the deceased must first be transferred to the crematorium. You should also inform the crematorium what will happen to the ashes.

After cremation in the crematorium, the ashes are sealed in an ashtray. The capsule with the ashes can now be picked up and buried. But there is also the possibility of embedding the capsule in a decorative urn and burying it. You can purchase the decorative urns from us.

The cremation and subsequent transfer of the urn, e.g. to Poland, usually takes 4-5 working days. For reasons of treasury and very negative experiences, we do not send our urns abroad by post, which is unfortunately becoming more and more common practice. Our driver will personally bring the urn to the destination that you tell us in advance.

Price of cremation

The cost of cremation includes:

  • Collection of the body
  • Completion of all necessary formalities and documents;
  • Completion of all necessary translations;
  • Cremation
  • Wooden cremation coffin;
  • Transport urn;
  • Delivery of the urn to a location specified by you
  • Sanitary and customs clearance

The total cost of cremation and transport of the urn to Poland is between:

£ 1,100 - 1,600

If you would like to use our services, please contact us at +48 608-135-247 to discuss the details and provide a full quote.

How to bring an urn to Poland?

  1. Prepare basic information about the deceased such as name, surname, address, marital status, time and place of death;
  2. Check that you or someone in your immediate family has access to the deceased's documents, such as: birth certificate, marriage certificate, spouse's death certificate, court order confirming divorce (if any);
  3. Contact us by phone on the number: +48 608-135-247,
  4. Send us the required documents by e-mail, which we will discuss in detail in a telephone conversation;
  5. Accept the submitted cost estimate;;
  6. Wait for the service to be provided (we will keep you informed of any action we take).