Transport of dead bodies

Chwolka is a company dealing with the international transport of dead bodies. Our main specialization is the transport of bodies from England to Poland and cremation. We are able to legally and according to sanitary standards bring the body from any country in Europe, Asia, North and South America and Australia to Poland.

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Our services include:

  • Advice on and organization of the transfer of corpses to and from Poland
  • Advice and organization of cremation and urn transfer to and from Poland
  • Assistance in organising the funeral
  • Cremation
  • Specialized coffins with corresponding input
  • Urns
  • Organization of the necessary formalities (consular clearance, documents from offices) and translations
  • Sanitary and customs clearance
  • Transport of corpses by land from their place of residence to the place of burial
  • Exhumation and transport of the remains to the burial site
  • Assistance in organising the funeral ceremony for the coffin or urn at the burial site
  • Assistance in obtaining a funeral grant
  • Settlement of disability issues
  • Settlements with insurance companies, including compensation for accidental or traffic accidents
  • Assistance in obtaining benefits from ZUS, KRUS, PZU

Our strengths

Clear rules at every stage

The coffin and urn are always included in the price - during the first conversation with you, we determine the type of coffin or urn, and its price is included in the cost estimate you receive within a few hours of the conversation;

The cost of the service includes transport to your chosen destination, we do not charge any extra charge for the kilometres driven after crossing the Polish border;

All necessary documents and the costs for their procurement are listed in the cost estimate you receive from us. For each of our clients, we prepare a complete documentation required from both the Polish side and the country from which we import the body of the deceased person.

Map of Poland

Transportation of dead bodies to Poland

We accept orders around the clock and start the execution immediately. We personally ensure that every step of the process is smooth and understandable for you. The transfer of the body to Poland rests only on the shoulders of qualified and experienced carriers. Our company makes every effort to ensure that all formalities do not represent an unpleasant obligation and additional stress for the family.

Additional information

Death and the Last Farewell is a difficult topic, but a necessary one. At the moment when a loved one dies, we are often overwhelmed by helplessness, stress and helplessness.

In this difficult situation, please talk to your family first and decide together what to do next. We should not be afraid to talk to sick family members and people on their deathbeds about their wishes about the place and manner of burial (traditional funeral or cremation). Thanks to well-thought-out decisions, our company, after contacting you, can operate efficiently and specifically according to your wishes.

Sometimes, however, there are unexpected situations where the decision has to be made really quickly. Below you will find a short guide on what to do in certain situations.